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Shopping AVENUE

Avenue Istanbul MALL

You will find the shopping pleasure, which you seek in the avenue life, on the Avenue Istanbul with the World's and Turkey's favorite brands. Cafes, restaurants, children's entertainment areas and commercial areas that will facilitate the everyday life will take place in the next generation shopping and living center. A total of 170 commercial units will serve just under your home.

You can enjoy each moment of shopping with the top-folding technology.

Markaların Caddesi

The Avenue Istanbul is the Avenue of Pleasant Shopping

The Avenue Istanbul a new generation mall with social facilities, where you can spend time with your family with pleasure and easily meet all of your expectations.

The new address of catering and gastronomy, entertainment, art and fashion will be the Avenue Istanbul.

The Avenue Istanbul is on the Avenue of Fashion

Who does not want to be a neighbor to the fashion stars?

The glittering shop windows of the Avenue Istanbul are just one elevator away from your new home.

The new season's models will be within your arm's reach.

The Avenue Istanbul is on the Avenue of Entertainment

The time you will allocate for your children to make them happy will pass much better for you from now on.

The Avenue Istanbul's children's park is full of fun, its restaurants are full of those flavors that will make them happy, and its gardens are full of joy!